Loving this dress for LYBRA!

NEW!! Tia Dress by LYBRA @ Penumbra Fashion Show District!

Like other amazing releases they have there, I couldnt stay indifferent to this dress. Classy, the cleavage is AMAZING, and the lines define the body perfectly!

Don’t miss it!


NECKLACE |Mandala – Pearl Rain in Black)

HAIR | Lelutka  – Cassie Long – NEW!

POSE | Del May




New Closet Disclosure sponsor: WAYNE by Chadwayne.

We present you the dress that will mark the event FamousStation.

wayne_002 Waybe_for CD

WAYNE – Anna Dress

Comes in other 10 colors, White, Black, Golden, Green, Lavender, Navy (worn on pics), Nude, Olive, Pink, Red  and Wine.

W A Y N E    L I N K S


MARKETPLACE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/157267?id=157267










Enjoy your shopping experience


L Y B R A .

I have the pleasure to present you one of the brands I most respect! It’s special to me in the way I admire people that run this brand: LYBRA by Lybra Rage and Natzuka Miliandrovic.

The clothing is amazing. Textures are perfect, and they just make the items look stylish and with fabulous fitting. I’m going to leave you two looks, but I assure you, more will come.


JACKET | LYBRA – Adriano – Black Leather Jacket;

JEANS | LYBRA – Nunzio – Dark Jeans;

NECKLACE | Mandala – Dog Tag – Gold;

HAIR | Soonsiki – Black Tie – Browns;

POSE | Kmadd.


SHIRT & PANTS | LYBRA  – Deigan – Blue [comes with belt];

NECKLACE | Mandala – Shamira Dog Tag – Black;

HAIR | Soonsiki – Jay – Black/Browns;

POSE | Kmadd.


The location to get the amazing items from LYBRA is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun%20Dream/15/235/1501


I hope you enjoy it.



FFL [Fashion for Life]

Azul FFL_001

DRESS | Azul – Issy for FFL

ZE - Provocateur - Brighter Lights Gown + J'adore pose Manicure 003

DRESS | [ZE] Provocateur – Brighter Lights Gown – FFL

POSE | J’adore Pose – Manicure 003 for FFL

CH's - Rania - FFL

DRESS | Ch’s – Rania Dress for FFL

MONOCLE | Crie Style – Caerus Limited – For FFL

RFL - Sage - Ferrari Dress Blue

DRESS | Sage – Ferrari dress for FFL;

RFL - Ghee - Ophelia Gown

DRESS | Ghee – Ophelia Gown – for FFL

1_RFL - M&M - Nefer Dress_003

DRESS | M&M – Nefer Dress for FFL

Slackgirl - BlackDiva

DRESS | Slackgirl – BlackDiva for FFL


Soon more to come!

<3 Dico

pearl rain.


MANDALA Necklace @ Shiny Shabby

Tableau Vivant Hair @ Shiny Shabby

Work it Blazer @ ISON

Recently FEEL – me without any desire to do something. But while the nostalgia knocks . The times when I was more active in Second Life , and did a little of everything . Yesterday I was talking to one of the people most cherish and admire, and who shares with me this blog , Seashell .
Whenever I talk to her, ideas come, plans, and new things.
As I have been absolutely stagnant sense, and I decided to evolve.


I have gone through a difficult phase in RL and so, I may not do much, but what I can do and make that commitment, I will do the best to make myself feel good and pleasured making it. Do not want to end this post without thanking you, mana, because you are my ‘eye opener’ and you moderate me.
And to be in this difficult phase, when it ends, I would love to be able to evolve and take my projects with you by my side and be more present.
Love u <3



Hello !

I’m here to present you a new brand: ANOID!

It’s my first time blogging buildings, and I must say I am IN LOVE by this brand. The buildings are very real, and they’re created with a lot of taste!

I must say I used this new building on my store CORPUS, and I won’t change it for a lont time, cause it’s everything I expected!

ANOID had some other buildings but this one I’m letting you know of, is called Altrex! I leave you some pictures, take a look:

anoid - altrex_001

The building is simetric, and has a mains room (above) and two other rooms.

It’s full of light and with very modern contemporary lines.

anoid - altrex_003

[main room];

anoid - altrex_004

[side room – the other side is equal as they are simetric];

anoid - altrex_005

[the entrance];

You can find ANOID buildings here

The buildings are all amazing! You can find too AIONT store, following same contemporary modern lines, KITT store, more sober and darked but very sexy one – more of like a skybox! And finally SURLA Store, very glassy and open!

They come in Rezzer boxes super easy to rezz and store. Once you click Rezz they got done in seconds, and takes only to edit the rezzer to edit the build to the desirable position !

I hope you enjoy, and make sure you visit ANOID. 100% worth!


ANOID Logo 2014




It’s actually one of my fav stores at the moment, because they have the ability to create clothes I really identify myself with – VRSION b Badon Rain and Chirzaka Vlodovic.

This is their new Gown – Konvert 2.0, and I am so keen on it. It’s bold, unique and dynamic… Can’t see exactly the gown concept here, which makes me love it even more. Usually gowns are formal dresses for Galas or Formal events, which I’m not that in to it… BUT the best thing about Konvert 2-0 for me is that is a gown without being it!

Take a look!



F R O M   H E A D   T O   T O E

HAIR | .Shi – Poise – Red nr. 4 – Hair attachment included (Hair Fair 2014)

DRESS | VRISON – Konvert 2.0

EYELINER | Mons – Black Eyeliner Series . nr.8

FRECKLES |  Miamai – XGen Freckles

NECKLACE | Ison – Safari Tribe Necklace – Silver (Collabor88)

RING | Ison – Safari Tribe Ring – Silver (Collabor88)

SHOES | David Heather – Maggioni Boots – Blood – (not seen)

POSE | Slouch