.the anatomy of a fall.

So many times, when you feel something broke inside you, something that can’t be fixed, you’ll probably feel lost for a while.

It’s like a fall.

The fear of falling – or failing – can be overwhelming.

But, if you have learnt through life how to fall or how to actually hit the ground safely, this will empower you in a way that is becomes a part of you. That’s what martial arts teach. All of them. It’s not about attacking or hurting others, it’s about how to remain centered and focused during a fall or attack on you.

The basics of martial arts is to actually never let yourself get to the point of attack. Avoid attack. Therefore, avoid falling to the ground.

Western societies see this as being a coward. Eastern societies know better.
What looks like a fall … look twice… may very well be rising up.

This is a way of life. Not something phylosophycal that hangs out over our heads. It’s practical on a daily base thing. It becomes a part of you.

This also means to know how to stop , whatever you were doing.
It’s not quitting, or giving up, nor being a coward. It’s to act according to your own self. Because we deserve to live a good life. We deserve to be with people who trust us. We deserve to be treated with respect. We deserve to be recognized with all our skills.

Avoid your fights.

Stay away from victimizing people: they will take all your energy away from you. Stay focused.

Somebody who lets you know how much they cry, how much they have done and are being so “badly treated”, if you for some reason act in a way that can potentially harm them – oh they’ll come after you, try to manipulate your feelings, try to make you feel terribly guilty. They may tell everybody how bad you were to them – poor them – they are feeling so terrible about… well, everything. They will spend their time crying over what happened to them. They will tell you they cried for days on end. Because of something you did. Not TO them, something you did, because it’s in your nature. People that place themselves in a victim’s position are usually self-centered, with loads of self-pity.

It can bring you down when you crash into somepone like this. It can make you think, you may get emotional about it. It’s just natural. And then, when you dettach yourself from the situation, you see all the emotional manipulation going on.

And the worst thing is that you can see that emotional manipulation working well with other people. There’s always somebody who will pity them. It’s not even the most basic human compassion. It’s just… pity.

This is a fight. It can drain all your energy thinking about it, rationalizing about it.
And if you feel like you’re just falling down, enjoy the ride and … look twice… are you really falling or are you raising up to the occasion?

To have compassion for another human being doesn’t mean to put up with crying and whining all the time. It may also mean to shake them up, confront them, stay focused on your own center and just be yourself.

And in the end, if you don’t feel comfortable being in a situation like that, just leave.
You’ll see that the weight you thought was bringing you down, becomes the strength that pulls you up!

This is where I stand right now. Living the fall, enjoying every minute of it and wondering… am I falling or am I raising up?

I know my answer.
Am I going to leave? Even if it breaks my heart, leave a project that has been the dream of my SL?
I’m getting there and the answer is on the way.

Complete outfit: Zibska – Penelope (includes headpiece)
Poses by me

Happy Shopping!

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