what’s fashion nowadays (Diconay Boa optic).

Some come back to me and ask me this question. My answer? Simple.

Lately I’ve been observing Fashion evolution. I don’t know if I am the only one seeing the whole scene of it, but at my point of view, fashion turned out more… FASHION! For me, this means styles have been updated and some are still stagnated back in time, some developed a LOT. To have the latest stuff from designers, doesn’t mean you’re the best and you know all the fashion panorama, it doesn’t mean you are fashionable.

Watching fashion nowadays, we can see models turned out more simple. The exaggeration models used to handle some years ago, is not on scene anymore.

I see our dominant message being now more used than ever: Less is more. Unfortunately, some still need an update, not only on fashion but on avatar itself, because fashion demands it! The diva thing models used to have as a ‘tag’, doesn’t exist now. What’s a diva? That’s a past thing. Today fashion world doesn’t contemplate this word: DIVA!

What we see now, is a fashion filled with Minimalism, ultra editorial and ‘discriminating’ every kind of exaggeration. Some models became a good revelation, and I’m happy to watch them represent what fashion is what it is now. Other still get stuck on diva kind of thing.

Come on! We see on magazines, RL fashion weeks, internet stuff, that the ‘BIG ornaments and BIG diva looks have no place on what fashion has become.

Big hairs + Jewelry + Big Dresses or impact clothing are not to be combined anymore! What is to be combines is a fresh look, despising all the exaggeration!

Today a simple T and Jeans can be emphasized with a one earring that places a statement, to give this outfit some creativity. And a big dress that places a statement itself should be not drown by the ornaments added. And why? Cause simplicity is there, the Less is More thing.

Big hairs are used in High Fashion or Haute Couture shows. That exaggeration only fits on that kind of situation. Isn’t justified on another way, anymore! Why to teach a bind man how to see? If media and all the ways available to research and watch fully the evolution of the new fashion industry?
Answer: The ones that couldn’t see, are the ones that doesn’t want to see it!

I’m actually writing this post because many asked for my vision when it comes to fashion on this days, and how I see people!

I see this the way I wrote previously! And the people, I see! Yes, I see… But I would like to see more in less! ’cause that’s what fashion became!


<3 Dico

(Thank you for the input to write)


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