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Ziggy Stadust
An entire generation has been part of this phenomenon, David Bowie creates and recreates himself, over and over, through the years.

Besides being the musician we all know for decades, Bowie’s style has always been an influence in fashion – and so has his wife for twenty years, the fashion icon Iman.

Iman and Bowie

And still today Bowie is on top of trends. He has a vision of his own and gets the collaboration of high fashion models and designers. In his new record, he released a videoclip that is just amazing to watch and listen; he co-stars in the video with the outstanding Tilda Swinton and three high fashion models: Andrej Pejić, Saskia de Brauw and Iselin Steiro.

As a humble homage to this two-colored eye, brilliant man – Bowie, I put together a look that you can easily get at Colab88.



Style Card:
| Dress: [LWL] June C88 – Superstar(Stardust)
| Cuffs: [LWL] Teal(trench) @ the Arcade
| Face tattoo: +Nuuna+ Neuro(P)


Enjoy and happy shopping!

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