review policy.

Closet Disclosure appreciates a lot the designers that send us the fantastic creations of their brands, but we only blog what our hearts sing for!

If designers/creators appreciate our work, please feel free to send us the items you’d like to see featured in with a Notecard or IM! Although we want to state pretty clear, we  will only post  what fits our personalities and personal styles! We greatly appreciate your consideration in having CLOSET DISCLOSURE Team blogging your items, but we cannot guarantee ALL reviews to be featured in our blog.

We might warn as well, that  your featured designs will always be fully credited in each single post we make, although, the final post may not be solely exclusive to your design since we may combine them to create a fresh new style and mix & match it with other suitable creations, in a representation of a cohesive look and as well as a aesthetic appeal fashion style.

We are so grateful to see all the amazing creations and the designers’ creativity is overwhelming!  We’d like you all to know that we are very much aware of what  each and every designer goes through to complete one “simple” creation. We do appreciate your work, your amazing creations!

Thank you so much for considering us to blog your designs!

Best regards,


Closet Dislocure

Diconay Boa
Seashell Dench



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