AVENUE Fashion Week 2013 – Amarelo Manga – Sneak Preview

This is a very special collection for me.

Luana Barzane created her Autumn/Winter Collection to showcase during our Fashion Week inspired by my country – Portugal.
The way she did it is absolutely brilliant: through the use of cobalt blue and white, the creator of Amarelo Manga captured one of the most traditional Portuguese Arts: tile work.

The outfits were named after famous women in the History of Portugal and Brazil and the connection our two countries have had through centuries.
The pumps were named after one of the main cities on the northern central part of my country – Viseu.
I’m completely honored to present Amarelo Manga for AVENUE Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2013.

October 3rd @ 12 Pm SLT

Outfit: Leopoldina (cobalt)
Amarelo Manga - Leopoldina

[Image taken at Portugal Lisboa sim: how many times did I go to work in this yellow tram, in my RL!]

Carlota Joaquina (cobalt)
Pumps: Viseu
Amarelo Manga - Carlota Joaquina ready

[Image taken at Portugal Centre sim - One of the public transports to travel across the country is this train you see in the photo and yes, I've travelled in it so many times in RL as well.]

What’s left for me to show you or tell you, inspired myself by Luana?
There is a word they say it doesn’t exist in any other language other than Portuguese – and it seems to be true as far as I know:
~~ saudade ~~

There is no translation for it, as a single word. In English we can say “I miss you”, but there is no noun for it.
Saudade is a feeling.
Portuguese traditional music is called Fado – tourists from all over the world come to Portugal and listen to Fado in taverns, eating and drinking, while a woman sings, wearing a shawl (very typical too). Historically, Fado are love songs, sad songs, sung by women who saw their loved ones leave in a boat or a ship, not knowing if they would ever come back home safe.

No one better than Portuguese Fado singer Amália Rodrigues to show you what the word saudade means. Just by listening to her…. we get it.

Amália passed away in October 6th 1999.
Recently, a Portuguese group of artists performed this same song in a homage to her: Gaivota (Seagull)

Indeed, a very special collection for me, personally.
Obrigada, minha querida Luana!

Photographer and Model: Sea Dench

AVENUE Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2013 – XIAJ Sneak Preview

Presenting one of the male brands to be showcased during AVENUE Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2013 – XIAJ
XIAJ presents a dark collection, with an amazing touch of haute couture given by accessories for male, masks, hoods, crowns.
Black being the main color, there is subtile reference to the orient wether it’s in the pant’s shapes or in the jackets used.

October 3rd @ 4PM SLT


Outfit: Kuma

XIAJ - Lee Chaolan READY

Outfit: Lee Chaolan


Outfit: Ryu

For the Haute Couture Showcase – on October 5th @ 6PM SLT – XIAJ presents an extraordinary ensemble, created exclusively for this event: Kyo
XIAJ - Haute Couture Outfit - READY

Welcome to XIAJ! A cohesive male collection that will have you wanting for more!

Photographer: Sea Dench
Guest Model: Tetsuo Fhang

. try to be .

I’d say, don’t try… just be… whatever you want to be. Whoever you are, no fears.

This is how I met her some years ago.
emanuelle Courtois
A woman of many trades; she was a fashion show producer in SL, then she did some of the best machinima movies I’ve ever seen and now she does tattoos and is the creator of ~The INKWELL. Who knows Emmy will do next?
I love this about her, we never know what to expect, we never know what she will tell you, what she will ask.
One thing is for sure, she doesn’t hold back and I so love this in a person’s character and personality.

emanuelle was already featured here in the Closet, in the only interview I ever did.

She doesn’t try to be… she simply is.
I’m fortunate to have met quite a few people in SL that have this same way of life: creative, the sky is the limit, what others think belong to them and I could go on forever.
So here are some of Emmy’s tattoos.

Matrioska Final

Style Card:
| The INKWELL -  Matryoshka Doll Tattoo
| Leggings: Maitreya Couture Black
| Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * RINA * / blonde

Ini Kamikaze -  The INKWELL

Style Card:
| The INKWELL: Ini Kamikaze Tattoo
| Hair: Zibska – Bibi (latest release)

Intrabdominal Mother May

Style Card:
| The INKWELL: Intrabdominal Mother May Tattoo
| Flowers on chest: Glam Affair (part of Nell outfit)
| Skirt: AMERIE – Mesh Denim Mini 05
| Face makeup: *LpD* The Japanese Doll 1 – Special Edition

Happy shopping!

. let me condescend you a little .

At some point in our lives, I guess we always have had someone tell us to be more positive and forgiving. Some people will tell you that all the time, in a very condescending way of informing us that they are, at some level, in a spiritual “higher” place, patronizing us.

Obviously, we all know that a positive attitude always brings the best of us and others.
However, there are moments when we have conflicting emotions. We are human beings, with a wide range of an emotional spectrum. We get upset, we have peaceful moments, we get angry, we get hurt, we care, we don’t care. We are allowed to feel every emotion, without having someone telling us to stay positive and be forgiving.

For me, this is the true definitions of a friend: someone who listens to you, understands you, in whatever emotional state you are in: angry, sad, upset, peaceful, caring or indifferent.
A true friend is never condescending!

A true friend doesn’t tell you over and over to stay positive and forgiveness is the way. And why is that?
Because a true friend knows you; knows how you manage your emotions, knows and respects you well enough not to be patronizing.
A true friend knows your abilities, appreciates what you do and makes sure you know it!
A true friend knows that, many times, we don’t need to be “advised” on the positive aspects of forgiveness.
A true friend just listens, without any kind of judgement.
A true friend shares and never lies to you about anything, whatsoever!
A true friend always tell you their own truth, face to face, without any fear of hurting you!

Yes, we can get hurt by listening to truthfulness.

What hurts the most is to realize that someone who you considered a friend for many years, actually wasn’t your friend at all; disrespected you and your feelings and keeps a distance, avoiding a face to face sollution, should any problem arise.
People that act like this, people that run away from you and avoid any emotional situation, these people have what is called in basic Psychology passive/aggressive personalities.
They seem quite peaceful, always in control and always have that “too nice” attitude, as if there is nothing in this world or any other world that can make them angry. Oh no, to be angry is not acceptable for a passive/aggressive.
They will run away like crazy from any situation that may seem confrontational, which is their emotional comfort and coward zone and obviously selfish too.

Anger, for my personality, is the surface emotion for being hurt. That’s my first reaction when I feel hurt. I get extremely angry.
Then, I find “my way home”, at my own pace, until I reach that point when I go deep and find the hurt inside, deal with it and finally, with time, everything is forgiven, simply because it’s completely forgotten.

In the end, forgiveness cannot be forced, shouldn’t be forced. It’s actually very easy to say “forgiveness is the way”; we look nice saying that, don’t we? It’s so absolutely condescending!

But the best is when we really feel it’s not really forgiven. It’s really forgotten. Only complete oblivion shows true forgiveness. We can only forgive what we forget, that’s the moment when we know that whatever was bothering us, is gone. We just let it go.
And this doesn’t come with any advice from others. It comes with a process within us, it may take more or less time, depending on us, on our life experience and our willingness to evolve as human beings.

It’s just unfortunate when you know somebody – or you think you know – for years and that person who you once called a friend, actually doesn’t fulfill some of the above and fullfills others.

Somebody you thought was your friend doesn’t share any of their inner self with you.
And finally you see that what you had was just a perception, not reality but your perception of it.
This shows how positive I really am, how I can blindly trust someone; how loyal I can be.

Until I can no longer trust.
Until that veil raises from my perceptive eyes and I finally see reality as it is.
Someone I considered a friend actually is not and never has been, according to my standards.

I was sad, at first. I have to ackowledge I defrauded myself; I did it all. I simply didn’t protect myself, shared my most intimate feelings with someone I considered a friend; someone who didn’t have the courage to trust me with the same dedication I gave her and didn’t share her most intimate feelings, just like I had done with her.

To be able to actually write about it makes me see it even clearer.
Just like love, true friendsipis a two-way road. It simply doesn’t work if it goes in one direction only.
I see that now, so clearly.

And after sharing all this with you, this is the emotional place where I am now: sad, extremely disappointed ( at myself) for making the same mistake over and over: trusting people and not protect my own feelings.

It’s never nice to realize that a person we thought was a friend, was nothing more than an acquaintance.

And now, because I love Astrology, let me jump on board of Berry’s Zodiac Meme *smiles*

1. What is your birthday and/or Zodiac sign?
My birthdate is September 8th, so my solar sign is Virgo.

2. Do you believe in or follow astrology?
I don’t believe in Astrology, because it’s not a religion, it’s not something to “believe in” *smiles* even though we find several definitions of Astrology being a “system of beliefs”, it’s not.
Astrology – the analysis of the position of planets in the sky in the exact time of our birth – is based on Astronomy and that is scientific. It’s also scientific and proven that the simple position of the moon affects tides, so it’s only logical that some planets’ position by the time we are born, may affect our personalities as a whole.

3. Do you feel your sign’s attributes reflect who you are?
Some do, yes. However, for those of us who love Astrology, we need to be well informed about it; we need to know our solar sign – like I said , mine is Virgo -, our ascendant sign at the exact hour of our birth – my ascendant is Sagittarius – and what are the effects that the rest of the planets’ position may have, when we were born. “May” is the right word here, I’ll explain.

4. Have you ever been to a psychic or astrologer either in RL or in SL (are there any in SL?)

Yes I have, in RL. I have talked to several professional Astrologers and had my birth chart made. If you are lucky to find a very good professional Astrologer, he or she will tell you that the features of your solar sign aren’t the definition of who you are. Other planets’s positons give you a wide range of possibilities and features as well. Astrology doesn’t tell you who you are, it will tell you – if done properly – your strongest points, your weeknesses and your potential. All these can take place or not. The best Astrologers will tell you that you have free will, ultimately, no matter what your birth chart says, the choices you make belong to you and you only. Don’t blame it on your sign *smiles*

5. Do you read your horoscope daily and try to follow any advice, recommendations or warnings it may have for you that day?

No, never. For me it’s a great disrespect for this thousand year system of reading the universe and us. Usually, a daily horoscope in a magazine or a newspaper is written by anybody in their staff, not necessarily by a professional Astrologer. They just take the writter that is kinda handy at the moment *laughs* which makes reading a daily horoscope a fun thing to do, knowing that the person who wrote is really having a good time too *smiles*

6. Do you have very strong feelings about astrology, either negative or positive?
I do, yes, positive in my case. I accept people talking about their solar signs, it’s fun and a great icebreaker in a conversation. I do that too. If I take Astrology seriously (which I do), especially recent Psychologists and Therapists working with Astrology as a tool in their jobs, well, that won’t come up in a regular chat about astrological signs *smiles* not for me, no. That is the part of Astrology that only a few really understand, because in the end, it’s not about our solar signs; Astrology is being used (finally!) in Psychology and Psychotherapy as a powerful tool for the person to have a more clear insight into their own selves – not exactly by looking at our signs, it’s much deeper than that. But, like I said, in a regular day-to-day basis, it’s fun to talk about our signs, what we think they mean and it’s such a great icebreaker!


Style Card:
| Tattoo: The INKWELL Apocalyptica Biomech Lip by emanuelle Courtois

In the middle of the night, when the angels scream,
I don’t want to live a lie that I believe.
Time to do or die.

Funny how some weeks ago, while meditating, I asked for clarity and I got it!
The truth has come out! I soo love my mind *smiles*

. my oblivion .

Another outstanding creation by Zib Scaggs from Zibska – Bellona.
It won’t be available for long, so hurry!!


Style Card:
| Outfit: Bellona (includes hairbase for the headpiece, and the boots). I’m wearing the upper part of Bellona’s boots. Available at Limited Bazaar @ Euphoria
| Shoes: [LW] Ibis mesh platforms (black) by Lindsey Warwick

Happy Shopping!

Make this alive
Good days are back
Open your eyes when it falls
Come back to the air

I can’t tell you what you already know
I can’t make you feel what you already feel
I can’t show you what’s in front of you
I can’t heal those scars

. Berry’s Intriguing Questions Meme .

Chrystal Finesmith

Chrystal - Finesmith

Well, before I start, I must warn you, I love writing, so… I may write a lot!

1. How do you deal with criticism?
Very good, actually. Both in RL and SL. It doesn’t matter if it’s what we call “positive” criticism or “negative”. Somewhere, I can always feel what’s the part of the critique is meant for me and what part actually belongs to the critic. All criticism is a two way road: there are, at least, two people involved. Parts of it belong to the critic, other parts belong to who is being criticized. If I take a critique “negatively”, I always ask myself – in which part of me is this touching, in what wound? Many times, I find out it’s the ego. So, I just drop it. All criticism is very welcome for me; I always learn a lot about myself, just by evaluating my own reactions to it. When people are rude to me, in a criticism, that rudeness is theirs, it doesn’t belong to me. Not worth it to even answer back.

2. What’s the most infuriating thing other SL residents do?
The exact same things people do in RL: to lie, to mislead, to manipulate. Easier maybe in a virtual environment, since people don’t really have to do eye contact and can sit comfortably thinking ” I can do or say what I want, because this is a game”. No, SL is much more than a game! Playing with people’s emotions in SL really infuriates me! I’m talking about romantic emotions; that’s why I’m the eternal single woman in SL. Men’s approaches are only laughable (sorry about that guys!). You know those IMs: “Oh you are gorgeous! You are so beautiful!” and I’m like “I know, right?”… and sudddenly the conversations stops there… any ideas why? *laughs*

3. Which SL resident would you most like to have lunch with and why?
Actually, I’d love to not only have lunch with, but go on a cruise with my AVENUE team *laughs* That would be something!

4 . Who would you say is your “anti” role model? Someone who serves as a warning rather than an inspiration?
I really don’t know. I could name some people, but just like in RL, there is always something about those people that teach me something. Just by them being “anti” role model, I’m already learning. So, let them come *smiles* . Bottom line is… in SL, we never know who is who… so they don’t know who I am in RL. And that is extremely interesting ;) “Anti” role models work as a true inpiration for me; because they exist, I’m more alert, more aware, more observant. They bring out some of the best parts of me.

5. What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you?
Absolutely nothing! I don’t give others the power to ruin something for me.

6. What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about?
No idea, really!

7. What’s the oddest term of endearment you’ve ever used or that someone’s used for you?
“Mexilhão”… well, I have to explain this *laughs* this is a portuguese word for .. a clam, I think. Only one person called me that as a term of endearment and really… to have somebody shout out loud “clam” that’s sweet, right? *laughs* I knew, right away, she was around and she had seen me, even in a very crowded place.

8. Have you ever fallen in love with another SL resident?
No, never. I’ve had one or two crushes, which is completely different from falling in love. The most important crush I had lasted a couple of months and it was back in 2009, I guess it started by the end of 2008; the person is no longer in SL. But well, I have to say that I don’t buy this “romatic love” thing in SL. I admit that people may fall in love, yes, but it has never happened to me. I’m definitely too sad and disappointed about people lying about their RL gender, pretending to be male, when they are female in RL and vice-versa. I mean, it’s okay to do this, I see no problem there. What is not okay is to engage in a romatic relationship in SL (which eventually leads to nowhere), and lie to their “loved ones” for a long period of time about their real gender. “Loved ones” … I mean, if you really love somebody – SL or RL – the best thing to do is to lie to them, right? What a way to “love” somebody. I’m sorry to say but this is sick! Only a very sick person does this! And I’ve met a few actually.  Then, we have the cheaters…  “love stories” that end because, go figure, in a particular week, one member of the  couple can’t be inworld, for several reasons; what does the other do? Well, let’s try some “pose balls” with somebody else.  “Why did this happen? Why did you cheat on me?”  “Because you weren’t here, and this other girl was very persuasive”… and I’m like …  are these people for real?  Sometimes I wonder why in almost six years in SL, I have never been approached for a “more serious” relationship. Some of my friends say I’m intimidating *smiles* and I take that as a compliment, of course. But I don’t think that’s the real reason. I think it’s really me not being open to SL relationships. I really don’t think “SL love” is possible, unless it’s taken to RL.

9. Describe a time/event in your slife that you’re nostalgic for.
Maybe the times when LL had the grid protected against criminals, copybotters and crackers? Yes, those times were better.

10. What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?
Oh I’ve been lucky enough to have people doing the sweetest things for me. You know, I’m a loner in SL; I spend lots of time on my own, exploring, trying to build (which is definitely not my thing… yet *laughs*), visiting new sims, finding those cute little stores that nobody knows about? And while I’m just there, inworld, alone, I find something interesting, IM the creator or the designer just telling them how much I have enjoyed what I’ve seen in their store or done in their sims and to have, for example, a designer send you his or her entire collection, just because of my kind words, that’s … I don’t know… it’s priceless. For starters, because my intention is to really tell the person they have made my slife better , they could just thank me… but wow, there are really amazing people in SL.

I told you I write a lot *smiles*
Thank you Berry, for this Meme.

Style Card:
Dress: Chrystal Reality (includes a beautiful crown, necklace and earrings) – I’m wearing the very basic version of the dress.
Photo with little PS editting, taken at Mad City – definitely worth a visit, what an outstanding place!


. I fell you .

I fee you

Style Card:
| Top: Winter Chic (earth) by Legal Insanity
| Pants: Yafunk (greengrass) by Legal Insanity
| Hat: Jones Cowboy (skulls) by Legal Insanity
| Shades: Superstar Aviators Gold (classic) by Legal Insanity
| Hair: Harlow (Summer) by ~Tableau Vivant~ @ Hair Fair
| Boots: Alstar – Used Leather by JD

I feel you, anyway,
In every tear that I might shed,
In every word I’ve never said.

. butterfly culture .

I am a member of the butterfly culture
Where we work and we take
We play and we pray to god
That the girl in that dress will undress
And distress you with the way that she moves

Butterfly Culture

Style Card:
| Dress: Miss Parrot (mask included) by AD Creations @ The Couturier’s Dock
| Hair: Marika by Zibska @ Hair Fair
| Eye makeup: Forze (meadow) by Zibska