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HAIR | Lelutka – Shena

PANTS | Lybra – Nurio

WATCH | Mandala – Kokusai

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On Dico

HAIR | Lelutka – Cassie

TANK & BRA | GizzA – Joy Set

SKIRT | GizzA – Joy Set

NECKLACE | Mandala  – Dog Tag


POSE | Del May – Fine Dinning


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Loving this dress for LYBRA!

NEW!! Tia Dress by LYBRA @ Penumbra Fashion Show District!

Like other amazing releases they have there, I couldnt stay indifferent to this dress. Classy, the cleavage is AMAZING, and the lines define the body perfectly!

Don’t miss it!


NECKLACE |Mandala – Pearl Rain in Black)

HAIR | Lelutka  – Cassie Long – NEW!

POSE | Del May



A conversation with…


I decided to start a new feature on CLOSET DISCLOSURE, where I interview people that somehow mean soemthing [much] in my Second Life. There are a lot of artists/models/designers/bloggers… and the list could go on… That I would love to disclosure here on Closet.

It’s my first attempt on interviews, I would apreciate a lot feedback, even of it’s depreciative, because we learn from mistakes.

Today I bring you, the one and only Natzuka. We became friends some time ago, right after Miss Mundo Virtual 2014.

On the same day I won the competition I had the pleasure to be invited by Giz Seron to pose for one of her adv, where Natzuka was already taking place on the posestand. All started there!

We became good friends, she’s a freaking amazing photographer, mesher (if we can call it like that), artist, and has a brilliant mind that I truly admire. Onwer of a irreverent beauty, every woman should want to be like her.

I couldn’t find a reason to interview her. I just wanted the genuineness and the mastermind she is and that she shares with me everyday. No filters.

And she did it. Here we are.

Thank you so much for this interviewa n’ for your time, Natz.



Being you a great friend of mine, and having you in many regards, I wanted you to be the first to be interviewed for the “A Conversation with …” the CD new feature.

I already know a lot of you, but most people do not know who is the real Natz.
Let’s start with the obvious… You are a girl of the fashion world.
At this point what it means for you the fashion industry? And how you think fashion industry is now?

NATZ:  At this point of my second life journey, fashion industry means mesh, digital retouching and bhv files.
I am not sure of the point that the virtual fashion industry is right now, but I can see that finally the real trends are flowing in the virtual reality and the virtual fashion meant only to be virtually consumed is interestingly feeding itself with mainstream trends and timeless cultural illustrative phenomenons like comics and movies.

CD: Who gave you the input to start in this industry? Do you admire someone that gave you this will to become a Fashionista?

NATZ: Oh I love this question… 😛
I joined fashion a couple weeks after my avatar rezzed in second life cause I needed pocket money to play the game and beauty contests were a nice way to save something, so I started to attend fashion shows and I met some designers that liked my avatar and suggested me to start with fashion.

CD: You were MVW 2013. What you would discart from the experience and what you treasure?

NATZ: Oh…I’ve been asked this question so many times…and I want to be honest with you and your followers. I was the miss of the “scandal”, the one that was defined by many “the not worthy or the joke, the one there by accident” … Still now, after TWO years, I receive mean comments and hateful ims about my title, by people that makes a point of pride with their friends in insulting me : subtly or openly. But I am not trashing anything about that experience, I am proud of how I handled myself in that situation and only I know how much it taught to the real me, so the balance it is still really positive. Also, that experience brought in my life two special priceless blessings : Mila Tatham and Aliza Karu.

CD: Photography! You’re a genius and we want to know more. What’s about that passion?

NATZ: I always loved photography and traditional visual arts, my real life is a path shaped around that, but second life has the merit to have made me discover this whole world of conceptual game artists in the game and outside, that changed my perspective towards the idea of art itself so much that sometimes I find difficult to define the impact that it has on me.

CD: Obvious question… Tell me ’bout Lybra! (Store and husband :p)

NATZ: The store is a project that reflects how Lybra and I are in our real lives, the vision, the inspiration and the grace that comes along with the brand come all from him and flow in a concept that is so personal that can be imitated but never duplicated. While I have the luck of observing how every part of this take form and melt together in one concept, I am pragmatically researching, developing solutions and sharpening my skills as knives so his creativity will not suffer any technical limits.

CD: Finally, you know we both can be a deadly combination. I know most of the times whats going on your mind, and u feel exactly the same about me.
Now… tell me what you want to say… Let us know your statements, what runs inside you, what bothers you, what you love, what makes mad… (Like we do together as if no one is reading this).

NATZ: This is tough for a conclusion, but I have to admit that I have big toleration problem towards stupidity and I can smell lies through the computer screen, so you all people out there are alerted (add a an evil wink here :P);


You can visit her amazing Flickr Page here

Her store here

Her FB page here

Finally her Blog here


I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did.



New Closet Disclosure sponsor: WAYNE by Chadwayne.

We present you the dress that will mark the event FamousStation.

wayne_002 Waybe_for CD

WAYNE – Anna Dress

Comes in other 10 colors, White, Black, Golden, Green, Lavender, Navy (worn on pics), Nude, Olive, Pink, Red  and Wine.

W A Y N E    L I N K S












Enjoy your shopping experience


L Y B R A .

I have the pleasure to present you one of the brands I most respect! It’s special to me in the way I admire people that run this brand: LYBRA by Lybra Rage and Natzuka Miliandrovic.

The clothing is amazing. Textures are perfect, and they just make the items look stylish and with fabulous fitting. I’m going to leave you two looks, but I assure you, more will come.


JACKET | LYBRA – Adriano – Black Leather Jacket;

JEANS | LYBRA – Nunzio – Dark Jeans;

NECKLACE | Mandala – Dog Tag – Gold;

HAIR | Soonsiki – Black Tie – Browns;

POSE | Kmadd.


SHIRT & PANTS | LYBRA  – Deigan – Blue [comes with belt];

NECKLACE | Mandala – Shamira Dog Tag – Black;

HAIR | Soonsiki – Jay – Black/Browns;

POSE | Kmadd.


The location to get the amazing items from LYBRA is:


I hope you enjoy it.