Winter is here.
So white.
So pure.


Style Card:
Complete outfit: [AD] Pure Mesh Dress by Aliza Karu
Background Building: Scarlet Creative For William Weaver Art Gallery (free) by Charlotte Bartlett
Pose: – slouch- by Eira Juliesse

And as usual, I like to write my posts and take my photos with music; can’t really work without it, so here is the soundtrack for you to enjoy, too.

Luna …

I still remember back in the days when Aliza Karu had her old store; almost entirely gothic style. She became so amazingly refined in gothic, that her creations are truly pieces of art.

Going to her store nowadays is like a hobby for me. It has a fabulous vibe, I love AD Creations!

I’ve always loved gothic styled outfits. There is something extremely elegant in gothic and for some reason, I also think of sweetness everytime I wear gothic styled outfits.

There have been lots of misunderstndings regarding gothic, especially if the outfit is black.

Socially – at least in my country –  as soon as people see a black outfit, they immediately think of something “bad” going on with those people*smiles*. My rl daughter has been wearing completely black for years; it’s her choice. I understand, from people’s comments and the way they look at her, that they think she is “weird” and all her friends, too. But I know her and I know them all and they are such sweet young people! Some of them, wear true gothic outfits – dark purple colors, mixed with dark red and black.

This time I bring you gothic, too. And in white :)

Style Card

Complete outfit: Vestalia (white) by AD Creations – shoes come inluded in the outfit.

Pose: Corpus Motion (not available at the moment)
Enjoy and happy shopping.
Love from

Emotions …

It’s often very hard to be able to trust people and show them our feelings. Since I found  Aliza Karu – the designer of AD Creations – she manages to capture my attention with her designs.

It’s all about emotions and how can they be portrayed in a simple outfit. Not so simple, actually. Her creations are elaborate, deep and yes emotional. I simply can’t resist when she creates something new.

This is C’era domani.

AD Creations is one of the Italian brands that got together with several others and we have The Italian Taste. *The Italian Taste* is the first group of good italian designers united. Every month, they have the “Monthly Deal”, where one of their creations can be purchased for $L50. This month is will end on July 3rd.
Here is the list of Italian designers, part of The Italian Taste:

*TA Eyes*
*LpD* Skins
Wap Design
AD Creations
Italica interior design
*SoliDea Folies*

This outfit I’m showing you is not part of the Monthly Deal. I just couldn’t resist and got it.

C’era domani outfit comes in two main colours: black or white. This one is the black version and I added the opposite colour on the hair – white.
Aliza Karu says “Those who wear my clothes, they’re wearing a mood, a feeling, a fear, a desire, a passion, an anger of me.”

She is just outstanding in creating clothes that simply cannot be worn without a feeling. It’s not just the “regular” kind of outfit. Yes, we can consider it fantasy-like, if we wish. Yet, in my opinion, AD Creations always carry a strong emotion, no matter what that emotion is. That’s why I just couldn’t take a single photo with this outfit. It’s all up to us, to what we feel.

Aliza also plays with colours, the darkness of black and the brightness of white. I did my own research on colours; something we already know is that black is the absence of colour and white has all colours in it. In my research I found that some people can’t really stand white, because it’s too bright for their eyes.

For me … well… I mixed the black outfit with white hair. I know I carry black and white in me. I’m the Angel and I’m the Demon. Probably we all are, I can only speak for myself 😉

All these emotions came to life with a SL Designer, an incredible creator that really inspires and surprises me with each of her creations.


Style Card:
Complete outfit and hair: C’era Domani by AD Creations
Bare feet: Scuplted Bare Foot by AD Creations

Enjoy 😉