Angel Dessous – The new Black Line

Nando Korobase has been a great creator, as we all know. His designs have been in SL for long and he keeps surprising us with new designs. You must take a look at Angel Dessous‘s new Black Line.

It’s extremely elegant, with a bit of spice šŸ˜‰

I didn’t add any jewelry, so that you may enjoy the full outfit and style it up yourselves.

Style Card
First photo left:
Angel Dessous Devine Black
Hat: Coco wool fedora
Shoes: *RRS* Desiree Black Damask

First photo right:
Angel Dessous Devine Blood
Hat: Nano Ribbon Hat
Shoes: *RRS* Desiree Black Damask


Second photo left:
Angel Dessous Chess Black
Clutch: DeLa Chanel Cream

Second photo right:
Angel Dessous Domino White
Clutch: DeLa Chanel Grey
Hat: Lagyo Noir – Noble Amazon(silver flowers)

Enjoy šŸ˜‰


Angel Dessous once again made a fantastic gown.


The creativeness of this newest design is fantastic.

Ā ANGEL DESSOUSĀ Ā showed ones againĀ how talented they are.

This gown is created with beautiful texture and flowers all over the skirt and the light added to it is Dazzling.The belt and hat are created of Sculpted Flowers


Picture: Seashell Dench

Model: Petra 13 Cortes

TheĀ  CLAUDINE is availible in several colors,the ones i am wearing are GOLD and HEAVEN.

Its a MUST have!!!

Here is a Taxi to ANGEL DESSOUS and while you are there see the other designs !!!!

SMILES ,have fun HUGSSS Continue reading

Angel Dessous – Mona

Here is the new lingerie from Angel Dessous :)

Nando Korobase created Mona in three colours. Every single one includesĀ  gloves, bracelets and necklace. Sexy, stylish and one of a kind!

Seashell Dench is wearing Mona Fire.

Diconay Boa is wearing Mona Night.

13 Cortes is wearing Mona White.



By the way, we welcome our friend 13 Cortes to Closet Disclosure team.Ā  With a style of her own, she will bring her own view of fashion and we are so happy to have Petra with us :)