Well, I’m back after a long ‘journey’ without computer. Graphic Card stopped totally and the brand didn’t knew how to solve my issue. Fortunately, cause I have e new machine. On the other hand my feeling when it comes to Fashion was a bit lost making this pause.

I’m trying to change. I changed the machine, and that’s my starting point, but I need more.

Some time in your life you ask yourself ‘Did I need something?’, and then you realize you already achieved what you really want, and after that, what you want more, is more! Not to gain titles, or become Miss ‘whatever’ (I passed that phase for some years now), or contests, but work in something that makes us happy and feeling fulfilled. I have the privilege to make something I love, and I refuse to stop: Photograph.

Many people doesn’t understand why I am that kind of narcissist person, and that’s a question I can answer easily. It’s not the case of being it, it’s because when I photograph, everything has a meaning and a certain feeling that I can’t catch on random people. Editing some other people picture, for me, doesn’t feel right, cause I didn’t catch his/her emotion, I catch a doll.

Other thing… I still don’t know what’s new, and what’s in vogue… If someone left or if everyone stayed. I feel I don’t belong, even after 5 years of sl.

Even after this 2 months out of SL, I feel like I lost my abilities to shoot (cause everything starts in-world, not on Photoshop). My will remains and I’m dying to start with something new, create a new Photography style, and a new style for myself, but seems like all of this, all of my photo skills and everything else, fade out.

I want to reach a next level, PERIOD!

Well… I definitely tried to shoot myself in a different way, the thing is, I lack inspiration for the moment. Regarding this, I promiss to come out with very own and unique pics… Just give me time!

Follow the next one:


HAIR | Lelutka – Lana – Irish Red

CAP & STOCKING | DIRAM – Chloe Cap – Red

EYELASHES | Glam Affair

SHOES | Baiastice – Knee Hight Platform Boots – Camel Suede

POSE | Del May


olá vienna!


HAIR | LeLutka – SALOME hair – IrishRed

JUMPSUIT | Baiastice – Vienna Mesh Jumpsuit – Brown

EARINGS | Paper Couture – Divine Royalty Earings

SHADES | Glow Studio – Golden Eyes Glasses

CIG | Hermony – Filer Cigarrette

BRACELETS | Glow Studio – Baked Steel Bracelets

POSES | CORPUS Motion – Mode Series 2013


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Take your jetplane above!


Thank you Sissy! <3








HAIR | booN – YKZ851 – hair black

LIPSTICK | Exodi – Lipsticks – Gothy 2

BUSTIER | Epoque.s –  Pilot Bustier – Nude 2

JACKET | Baiastice – Evange Jacket – Black

GLOVES | Glow Studio –  Dark Ride Gloves

TROUSERS | GizzA – Classic Trousers – Mesh blue

SHOES | Similar – Sorrento Shoes [with Tie] -Black – not shown

SHADES | CheerNo Sun Glasses . KRALF – Orange / Black

NECKLACE | League – Vintage Clock Necklace – Working Clock

POSES | CheerNo & [Imple]


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