The new mesh gown by Joy Fellini is gorgeous!

Working with mesh, SL designers manage to really have an amazing texturing of the outfit. And the Tentation Lips Gown is a good example of that. Take a look.

It really is a temptation! 😉
The dress comes with long red gloves that I didn’t wear in the photo. They complete the ensemble.

Style Card:
Gown: Tentation Lips (mesh)
Shoes: [LWL] Laurella Platform (white)
Cap: [LWL] Couture Bathing Cap (hush)

After playing with some windlight settings when I was taking the photos, here is a faceshot, that is almost uneditted. I just cleaned the image a bit and this was the result.

I usually work listening to music and this tune was pretty much on loop. Love it!

Happy shopping and enjoy :)
Love from