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Bushido 1

Props in both photos:
| Tree by Storax Tree for Bloggers
| Rescue Deer by Storax Tree for Bloggers

Style Card:
| Sweater: Femme- The Red Queen by JLB Apparel
| Jumpsuit: Aikya (Gold/Red) by Legal Insanity
| Necklace: Weapon by FINESMITH (November Group Gift)
| Hat: Lauren Boho by Elysium for AVENUE Fall/Winmter FW.


Bushido 2

Style Card:
| Dress: My Wisdom – La Penderie de Nicole by Marcopol Oh

It’s somehow expected that when we talk about Bushido, if we are aware of the concept of the word, one may expect photos of a Samurai or a warrior, since Bushido means literally “The Way of the Warrior”.

But what is life? Aren’t we warriors, every single day?
Aren’t there challenges, confrontations, conflicts, every day? We may not carry a weapon, we may not wear a katana like old Samurai did. We are the weapon in our lives.
The first “enemy” we face every day is ourselves.
Most of the conflicts created with others start with a confrontation within ourselves.

The deeper concepts both of Bushido and the well known “The Art Of War” by Sun Tzu are quite similar.
First rule and most important of them all – present in all martial arts: avoid conflict.
That’s why I admire the wisdom of the old and traditional East; they know that in a battle, nobody wins, everybody loses. It makes perfect sense – avoid conflict.

A warrior, that has been trained fully aware of Bushido, knows better, it’s instintive: avoid conflict.
A warrior that is well trained is naturally wise and knows that all it takes is one single strike to kill.

Let’s all forget those movies that portray Samurai, fighting like swordsmen in the West. That wasn’t the Samurai way.
Samurai were trained to kill in one strike.
The best Samurai used their katana once – one strike to kill. And those became almost legends.

As an admirer and follower of the Eastern ways of thinking, I can clearly see that we are all warriors. We fight. Every day.
It always starts with fighting ourselves. Before making a decision, any decision, we measure it, we struggle with it – wether we are aware of it or not.
This is as natural as life. And there’s so much to learn once we are fully aware of this.

Each word we say can be a weapon; each action we do can be a weapon. We are the weapon.

We all have heard people say “life is a fight” or something of this sort.
What if it’s not a fight? What if we make the concious decision of not fighting? What if we become Bushido itself and avoid the fight?

Seems easy to say and, one may think, not easy to do. True. Maybe we weren’t “trained” to do that. Most of us are brought up to think we need to fight to get somewhere.

Some people fight for attention – the lack of it in real life grows in SL; because of the anonimity the web allows.
Some people fight for any kind of recognition – again they lack recognition themselves, for real and they bring it stronger to SL – again the anonimity.
Some people fight for love – the lack of love in their real lives increases exponentially in SL.

These are just examples of the insecurities we all, at some point – bring to SL. They come with us, the real us.
To reach a certain goal – it can be attention, recognition, love – some people allow themselves to hurt others and they know it. That is a fight.

If our goal is just to enjoy ourselves and make other people’s lives better, in SL, there is no need for attention, for recognition and there is certainly no need to feel loved. Because we already have that within us. It cannot be found outside of us.

However, some “simple” things like living our own lives, enjoying ourselves on our own, joining a team of people that are positive in their thinking and are proactive, these don’t seem to come easily.
Here is where the fight happens: inside of us first and then thrown at others as a weapon. Without the proper training – by “training” I mean maturity, which doesn’t have necessarily to do with how old we are – there’s a fight, right there.
We just target someone and attack, because deep down, we feel threatened somehow.
The fight has started within, someone must “pay” for our unhappiness.

Sometimes we feel joy – embrace it.
Other times, we feel sadness – embrace it.
Other times, we feel anger – embrace it.

Whatever we feel, we should embrace. This is the way of the warrior.
Once we are aware of how we really feel, there is no need to fight. We are what we are, we feel what we feel – just embrace it.
Then, act with honor, respect others, face the conflict, measure it and just feel… is it worth it? Is it worth to strike that one strike to kill?

Some say the best defense is to attack. I’d say the best defense is to know yourself, to feel good about yourself, no matter how you feel. Just be. And then, don’t strike, avoid the conflict, extract yourself from that fight… cause there needs to be at least two to fight. Just leave the fight, especially when you are so aware that you can kill with one strike – the true warrior’s way. Measure your actions carefully in order not to hurt others.

An effective warrior avoids the fight, always.
Don’t fear solitude. Solitude is the way to really know yourself. Then, once you don’t fear being on your own (this is solitude, not loneliness, it’s a choice) you can connect to others without a fight.

Is the true warrior perfect?
Yes, he is. Meaning he is so aware of how much harm he can do with only one strike, he will pull back and refrain from attacking.
Awareness is self-empowerment. Be insecure, be afraid, think the unthinkable – just be fully aware of how you feel and how much harm we can do when we are in a certain mindset. Then, just ask yourself: is it worth to strike? If you are fully aware that your “oponent” can kill you with one strike, a fight is exhausting, time consuming, it unbalances us from the core.

In all matial arts and in life, all our strength is in our core. Physically, our core is around the belly button, around our hip area , down to the top of our legs. In life, the core is your essence, who you really are.

Again, I wonder: is it worth to strike? Is it worth it to fight?
The answer is up to each of us warriors out there.

. Berry’s Intriguing Questions Meme .

Chrystal Finesmith

Chrystal - Finesmith

Well, before I start, I must warn you, I love writing, so… I may write a lot!

1. How do you deal with criticism?
Very good, actually. Both in RL and SL. It doesn’t matter if it’s what we call “positive” criticism or “negative”. Somewhere, I can always feel what’s the part of the critique is meant for me and what part actually belongs to the critic. All criticism is a two way road: there are, at least, two people involved. Parts of it belong to the critic, other parts belong to who is being criticized. If I take a critique “negatively”, I always ask myself – in which part of me is this touching, in what wound? Many times, I find out it’s the ego. So, I just drop it. All criticism is very welcome for me; I always learn a lot about myself, just by evaluating my own reactions to it. When people are rude to me, in a criticism, that rudeness is theirs, it doesn’t belong to me. Not worth it to even answer back.

2. What’s the most infuriating thing other SL residents do?
The exact same things people do in RL: to lie, to mislead, to manipulate. Easier maybe in a virtual environment, since people don’t really have to do eye contact and can sit comfortably thinking ” I can do or say what I want, because this is a game”. No, SL is much more than a game! Playing with people’s emotions in SL really infuriates me! I’m talking about romantic emotions; that’s why I’m the eternal single woman in SL. Men’s approaches are only laughable (sorry about that guys!). You know those IMs: “Oh you are gorgeous! You are so beautiful!” and I’m like “I know, right?”… and sudddenly the conversations stops there… any ideas why? *laughs*

3. Which SL resident would you most like to have lunch with and why?
Actually, I’d love to not only have lunch with, but go on a cruise with my AVENUE team *laughs* That would be something!

4 . Who would you say is your “anti” role model? Someone who serves as a warning rather than an inspiration?
I really don’t know. I could name some people, but just like in RL, there is always something about those people that teach me something. Just by them being “anti” role model, I’m already learning. So, let them come *smiles* . Bottom line is… in SL, we never know who is who… so they don’t know who I am in RL. And that is extremely interesting 😉 “Anti” role models work as a true inpiration for me; because they exist, I’m more alert, more aware, more observant. They bring out some of the best parts of me.

5. What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you?
Absolutely nothing! I don’t give others the power to ruin something for me.

6. What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about?
No idea, really!

7. What’s the oddest term of endearment you’ve ever used or that someone’s used for you?
“Mexilhão”… well, I have to explain this *laughs* this is a portuguese word for .. a clam, I think. Only one person called me that as a term of endearment and really… to have somebody shout out loud “clam” that’s sweet, right? *laughs* I knew, right away, she was around and she had seen me, even in a very crowded place.

8. Have you ever fallen in love with another SL resident?
No, never. I’ve had one or two crushes, which is completely different from falling in love. The most important crush I had lasted a couple of months and it was back in 2009, I guess it started by the end of 2008; the person is no longer in SL. But well, I have to say that I don’t buy this “romatic love” thing in SL. I admit that people may fall in love, yes, but it has never happened to me. I’m definitely too sad and disappointed about people lying about their RL gender, pretending to be male, when they are female in RL and vice-versa. I mean, it’s okay to do this, I see no problem there. What is not okay is to engage in a romatic relationship in SL (which eventually leads to nowhere), and lie to their “loved ones” for a long period of time about their real gender. “Loved ones” … I mean, if you really love somebody – SL or RL – the best thing to do is to lie to them, right? What a way to “love” somebody. I’m sorry to say but this is sick! Only a very sick person does this! And I’ve met a few actually.  Then, we have the cheaters…  “love stories” that end because, go figure, in a particular week, one member of the  couple can’t be inworld, for several reasons; what does the other do? Well, let’s try some “pose balls” with somebody else.  “Why did this happen? Why did you cheat on me?”  “Because you weren’t here, and this other girl was very persuasive”… and I’m like …  are these people for real?  Sometimes I wonder why in almost six years in SL, I have never been approached for a “more serious” relationship. Some of my friends say I’m intimidating *smiles* and I take that as a compliment, of course. But I don’t think that’s the real reason. I think it’s really me not being open to SL relationships. I really don’t think “SL love” is possible, unless it’s taken to RL.

9. Describe a time/event in your slife that you’re nostalgic for.
Maybe the times when LL had the grid protected against criminals, copybotters and crackers? Yes, those times were better.

10. What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?
Oh I’ve been lucky enough to have people doing the sweetest things for me. You know, I’m a loner in SL; I spend lots of time on my own, exploring, trying to build (which is definitely not my thing… yet *laughs*), visiting new sims, finding those cute little stores that nobody knows about? And while I’m just there, inworld, alone, I find something interesting, IM the creator or the designer just telling them how much I have enjoyed what I’ve seen in their store or done in their sims and to have, for example, a designer send you his or her entire collection, just because of my kind words, that’s … I don’t know… it’s priceless. For starters, because my intention is to really tell the person they have made my slife better , they could just thank me… but wow, there are really amazing people in SL.

I told you I write a lot *smiles*
Thank you Berry, for this Meme.

Style Card:
Dress: Chrystal Reality (includes a beautiful crown, necklace and earrings) – I’m wearing the very basic version of the dress.
Photo with little PS editting, taken at Mad City – definitely worth a visit, what an outstanding place!


. truth.


What an amazing jewelry set by yula Finesmith.
It’s called Truth.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” or so they say.
It dpends on our personality, I guess. I’m the type of girl that likes strong fashion statements; this jewelry set is not for the weak of heart; it’s strong, powerful, dark as a hot starry night. Now that summer is coming our way, this is Truth.


. strong spring/summer .

It’s an amazing season, this year.
Spring/Summer 2013 is full of strong personal styles.
Wether we chose to wear pastels and be sweet or we chose to mix that sweetness with strong details, like a bold eye makeup.

Cosmetic Fair 2013 is going on right now and it is definitely a must see.
Zibska presents several eyeshadows for Cosmetic Fair 2013. Some are so springy that are just part of your day-to-day makeup ; others are really bold personal statements.

Dare to mix’n match! This season anythig goes!
Just be yourself and dare.


With a tender pinkish corset by Zibska and a jewelry set by FINESMITH, you just create THE look.

Strong Spring

Style Card – Photo 1
| Eye Makeup: Zibska Forse (available @ Cosmetic Fair 2013)

Style Card – Photo 2
| Corset: Zibska Brigitte (in Necatrine)
| Jewelry: FINESMITH Tamar set (ring included)
| Eye makeup: Zibska Jojo (Candy)


Happy shopping!

mana letti.


Nardya Rousselot have been working lately! And the result of one of the most amazing shoes on SL can be seen here, but can be seen speacially on her store!

But if you’re interested to know the whole style, then… there you go!


HAIR | Loovus Dzevavor – Simplicity – Rouge 3

HAT | Lode Hats – Glitter Rose

CORSET | ISON – Geometric Corset – Pink

PANTIES |Ricielli – Iris Jumpsuit (part of)

NECKLACE |Finesmith – White Tornado Necklace

SHOES | NX – Narcotix – MANA Letti Sparkle Peep Toe

POSE | CORPUS Motion – Editorial Line 122


Thank you Nardie <4

<3 Dico




HAIR | Kletva – Cib Hair – Swedish Blonde

LASHES | Boudoir – Serious Eyeliner

MAKE UP | Body & Co. – Dramatic Make Up

DRESS | Eclectic – Pink Sorbet – Tube Dress [NEW! by Kallisto Destiny – on MARKETPLACE]

EARING | Finesmith – Chant – Calcite


POSE | Ricielli


<3 Di

Ladies Who Lunch – Express yourself

Faint Paulse – the  creative mind behind Ladies Who Lunch –  has just released an amazing Gown. Sweet, tender, and  at the same time – at least for me – extremely strong, depending on the accessories you use with it.

It comes in several colours, the one I’m showing you is tea colour. There are three skirt options.  A must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

The High Tea Gown.

It’s stunning. Plus,  in one gown, you get several looks, you can really express yourself.  It’s new, refreshing, even  if you decide to wear just the bodysuit, you can; I’m delighted with it!

Models: Seashell Dench and Markski Glom

Photographer: Seashell Dench



Photo 1

On Sea: Hight Tea Gown (in tea colour) worn with bustle; Precarious Platforms (white snake) by LWL; Doormouse Veil ( in tea colour)

On Marski: Finesmith – Harsch Mask Back Head (shoulder pads);  Bella- Desatre Top – Short (Top);  XOH – Spine Chains 24; Grasp – Biker Gloves (black)

Photo 2

On Sea:   Hight Tea Gown (in tea colour) bodysuit only; Precarious Platforms (white snake) by LWL; Cheshire Cat Hat  by LWL (in tea colour)


It’s absolutely inspiring when I find a creative mind like Faint Paulse’s. I was taking the photos and a voice in my head 😉


*hugss* from