et… voilá!

I’d like to introduce you all to a new designer. Well, she is not exactly new in the fashion industry, but she is now creating her new brand.

Doing her own mesh templates, her creations are amazing!

Selena Maskelyne – Style n Design

She was so kind to ask me to be her brand PR and I gladly accepted after watching how she works and what she creates.
You all, fashionistas, have to see it as well. Along with her mesh designs Ms Selena has also a makeup line coming up, soon.  And, believe me, this is just the beginning!

A wonderful way to start this season, in style!

This is one of her mesh creations. It comes in several colors. I absolutely love the detail.

Style Card:
Mesh Dress: Voila Blue by Selena Maskelyne
Makeup lips: Shine on me Runway – Orange

Happy Shopping :)

Now, enjoy these stunning moments of a woman’s creations that never ceases to amaze us.
Viviennne Westwood!