pearl rain.


MANDALA Necklace @ Shiny Shabby

Tableau Vivant Hair @ Shiny Shabby

Work it Blazer @ ISON

Recently FEEL – me without any desire to do something. But while the nostalgia knocks . The times when I was more active in Second Life , and did a little of everything . Yesterday I was talking to one of the people most cherish and admire, and who shares with me this blog , Seashell .
Whenever I talk to her, ideas come, plans, and new things.
As I have been absolutely stagnant sense, and I decided to evolve.


I have gone through a difficult phase in RL and so, I may not do much, but what I can do and make that commitment, I will do the best to make myself feel good and pleasured making it. Do not want to end this post without thanking you, mana, because you are my ‘eye opener’ and you moderate me.
And to be in this difficult phase, when it ends, I would love to be able to evolve and take my projects with you by my side and be more present.
Love u <3


. I fell you .

I fee you

Style Card:
| Top: Winter Chic (earth) by Legal Insanity
| Pants: Yafunk (greengrass) by Legal Insanity
| Hat: Jones Cowboy (skulls) by Legal Insanity
| Shades: Superstar Aviators Gold (classic) by Legal Insanity
| Hair: Harlow (Summer) by ~Tableau Vivant~ @ Hair Fair
| Boots: Alstar – Used Leather by JD

I feel you, anyway,
In every tear that I might shed,
In every word I’ve never said.

Escarpa … shoe luxury!

How important are shoes in our overall style? For me,  definitely one of the first things I look for in my closet, when I want to style up.

Here is the thing: I’ve been watching over and over for these last few days  the video from Lady Gaga “Marry the Night”.   I knew I wanted to do something with it, in terms of fashion; the video is brilliant, in my opinion, and so is the message it conveys. That’s Gaga – you love her or you hate her, there’s no middle term. I do love her.  I’m not a huge fan of her music, but I love what she does with her celebrity status, what she stands for.

After all, she was a regular girl, that went through a lot to become a world wide known performer.  The same stength and inner power can be applied to everyone, right? To us all, SL models; to SL designers who so brilliantly create what people wear.

That’s the case of the creative mind behind Ladies Who Lunch.

Faint Paulse created Escarpa – an awesome collection of platform shoes. I like to call them platform ankle boots.

Once you get one pair on your feet, I promise, people will see you.  First, because they really stand out and then, because Escarpa come with different heights. You can wear the regular shoe or add a bit of heigh –  and that extra is included when you buy the pair.

The colors are simply amazing! I took these photos inspired by Gaga’s video and immediately thought of this amazing shoe collection.

All this process of creating a look, myself, took me more than two weeks.  Watching the video over and over, wearing Escarpa, trying the different colors. I ended up showing you one color in each foot.  And I actually love the idea of mixing them up  :)

Then, I found A:S:S Deluxe – a new brand of jewelry and accessories, still in the process of growing.  Suddenly, all seemed to go together according to my mood and my own style.

Instead of writing the usual style card, I’ll just tell you that my hair from Vita’s Boudoir, the outfit is a mix n’match of Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant. And of course Escarpa shoes from Ladies Who Lunch; mouth piercing by A:S:S Deluxe (Cross My Heart – female version) and arm piercing by A:S:S Deluxe (Tears and Chains).

The poses on the first and third photo were made by me and the second photo’s pose is from Del May.

Inspiration from Gaga.

Enjoy :)


Meet Tableau Vivant!

One of the most incredible design projects I’ve seen lately!

One of the creative minds behind Tableau Vivant is M4ri1yn Magic. The brand is extraordinaire, theatrical, stylish, daring; with a unique vision for potential male customers… guess what? I’m a woman and I was at awe when I stepped in Tableau Vivant! You can get complete outfits ot you can simply mix n’match.

Not to mention the exquisite male skins and the female makeup layers you can get there.
Just take a look. I don’t think my photos do justice to this amazing creations, but anyway, here they are.

Style Card
Complete Outfit: Tableau Vivant Metrosexual
Makeup layer: Tableau Vivant Electric Geisha (includes blue eyelashes)
Hair: Dura Boy

It’s so empowering to wear Tableau Vivant! Even for a woman!
Here, mixing and matching, pants and shirt, with shoulder pads and collar.

Style Card
Shirt: TV Gaveston
Pants: TV Rhett
Makeup layer: TV Kandinsky (includes black eyelashes)
Hair: Dura Boy

Just take a look. You’ll love it!

Here’s your limo to Tableau Vivant 😉