Lexi project.

Lexi Project Pics_001

DRESS | Azul – Abigail for Lexi Project;

Lexi Project Pics_002

SHOES | Esque – Linx Ribbon Sandal @ Lexi Project;

Lexi Project Pics_004

HAIR | Iconic – Lexi Hair @ Lexi Project;

Lexi Project Pics_005

NECKLACE | Zibska – Innogen @ Lexi Project


Today I went to a event called The Lexi Project.
The designer Lexi Zelin from AngelRED Couture, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, on stage 3.

So a countless number of designer get united to create some exclusive items for this event, to help Lexi to face this disease. In this case, 100% of the funds donated will go to Lexi Zelin.

You could go visit the place, watch all the items selling there and buy some, or simply make a donation on the donation boxes spread in the place.
I am a model for 7 years in SL, and I can only say when it comes to this causes, models, designers, performers, photographers, bloggers, anyone you can imagine, always stood together for this causes. So lets not be indifferent to this.
Let’s show our big hearts again.

This were some of the items I got in this event.

Open your heart and lets just help Lexi!



. enfant du monde .

Dans cette douce souffrance.
Dont j’ai payé toutes les offenses
Ecoute comme mon cœur est immense
Je suis une enfant du monde

Zibska - Ulfa Sangue

Complete outfit: Ulfa (Sangue) by Zibska

Zibska - Sora

Complete Outfit: Sora by Zibska

Zibska - Imogen Necklace

Necklace: Imogen by Zibska – available @ l’accessories
Hair: Ninel updo by Zibska
Eyeshadow: Ingzi (indigo) by Zibska – comes in 11 colors.

Je remue le ciel le jour, la nuit
Je danse avec le vent la pluie
Un peu d’amour un brin de miel
Et je danse, danse, danse, danse, danse,danse
Et dans le bruit, je cours et j’ai peur
Est ce mon tour?
Vient la douleur…
Dans tout paris, je m’abandonne
Et je m’en vole, vole, vole, vole, vole

. silent lucidity .

You’re lying safe in bed
It was all a bad dream
Spinning in your head

Your mind tricked you to feel the pain
Of someone close to you leaving the game
Of life

So here it is, another chance
Wide awake, you face the day
Your dream is over…

Or has it just begun?

Silent Lucidity

Style Card:

| Outfit: (parts of) Whispering Stars Dress by Boudoir
| Blindfold and birds: Xiang by Zibksa

| Props by Storax Tree ( Kate McLaghen):
– Chair Royal Heritage Snow
– Mesh Doll provided by Storax Tree to bloggers

|Pose: Del May

. my oblivion .

Another outstanding creation by Zib Scaggs from Zibska – Bellona.
It won’t be available for long, so hurry!!


Style Card:
| Outfit: Bellona (includes hairbase for the headpiece, and the boots). I’m wearing the upper part of Bellona’s boots. Available at Limited Bazaar @ Euphoria
| Shoes: [LW] Ibis mesh platforms (black) by Lindsey Warwick

Happy Shopping!

Make this alive
Good days are back
Open your eyes when it falls
Come back to the air

I can’t tell you what you already know
I can’t make you feel what you already feel
I can’t show you what’s in front of you
I can’t heal those scars

. butterfly culture .

I am a member of the butterfly culture
Where we work and we take
We play and we pray to god
That the girl in that dress will undress
And distress you with the way that she moves

Butterfly Culture

Style Card:
| Dress: Miss Parrot (mask included) by AD Creations @ The Couturier’s Dock
| Hair: Marika by Zibska @ Hair Fair
| Eye makeup: Forze (meadow) by Zibska


. this world, this time .

While I’m doing one of my favorite hobbies in SL – looking for those unknown stores and designers that challenge me to style up – I found Amerie, a store you may want to take a look at. There’s a great feeling to it, feels great just to go there and take a look around.
From a very comfortable look, with a baggy overall, to a long dress, both from Amerie, this time I went for black.


Style Card:
| Top: Tubtop Black by Amerie
| Pants: Mesh Overall by Amerie
| Pose: -slouch- by Eira Juliesse


This world

Style Card:
| Dress: Leather Corset by Amerie
| Clutch: Spike Transparent (Clear- Full) by [F]oil – you can get it in several colors, emprty or full, as seen on photo.
| Pose: -slouch- by Eira Juliesse


This world

Style Card:
| [LwL] Collar and Cuffs (Black Tie) – available at The Arcade.
| Ear Cuff: Crystal Leaf by [F]oil by MrForever – available at Marketplace only.
| Eye makeup: Zwoo (coal) by Zibska
| Pose: Posies (no longer available)


Happy shopping!

. splash .

This season’s trends all go after strong colors and patterns.
This time, I wanted to visually cause a mix n’ match effect, bringing together colors that may or may not go together well.
It’s a challenge to our eyes. We are so used to mixing the “correct” color palette, that I really wanted to cause a splash effect. Or at least to make our eyes pause a little, wondering “these colors aren’t right” or “this feels weird”. Challenge our mind, visually.

Just like raw nature – untouched by man – plays with colors in a non related way, we can easily find flowers, several colors, trees, plants of any kind, a myriad of colors and tones. Our eyes usually don’t even question why nature is the way it is.

So I put together a look that, in terms of colors, may or may not go well together, according to our eyes and to our personal opinion; it surely is striking.


Style Card:
| Top: Meili in Tangerine by Zibska
| Shorts: Viola by Zibska
| Hat: Floppy (mesh) by Countdown [includes an all color hud to personalize it as you wish]
| Collar and Cuffs: Garden by Ladies Who Lunch – will be available at The Arcade after June 1st.


Happy Shopping!

. strong spring/summer .

It’s an amazing season, this year.
Spring/Summer 2013 is full of strong personal styles.
Wether we chose to wear pastels and be sweet or we chose to mix that sweetness with strong details, like a bold eye makeup.

Cosmetic Fair 2013 is going on right now and it is definitely a must see.
Zibska presents several eyeshadows for Cosmetic Fair 2013. Some are so springy that are just part of your day-to-day makeup ; others are really bold personal statements.

Dare to mix’n match! This season anythig goes!
Just be yourself and dare.


With a tender pinkish corset by Zibska and a jewelry set by FINESMITH, you just create THE look.

Strong Spring

Style Card – Photo 1
| Eye Makeup: Zibska Forse (available @ Cosmetic Fair 2013)

Style Card – Photo 2
| Corset: Zibska Brigitte (in Necatrine)
| Jewelry: FINESMITH Tamar set (ring included)
| Eye makeup: Zibska Jojo (Candy)


Happy shopping!

AVENUE Fashion Week 2013 – Zibska .sneak peek.

Here is just asneak peek of Spring/Summer Collection of one of the designers I’ve been following for quite some time.

Zib Scaggs created her brand Zibska and I love how I never know what to expect; what will she create next? Zib talks about her creations as if she’s talking about art. And she is!

“With this collection I have done something which I usually avoid and that is casual wear. It is a challenge for me to keep things toned down (everything needs ruffles! spikes! feathers! or all of the above!). In the end, what I have managed to put together in the collection are designs that Zib would wear when she does not care about poking others in the eye and some tamed down ones, for when she does.”

And here is one of the designs you can see from Zibska during AVENUE Fashion Week.
A challenge for her – to create casual wear – in this case a short cocktail dress with hat included. The eyeshadow and cuff I’m wearing are also from Zibska and already available at her mainstore.
This is Claudie dress.
You surely want to see the rest of Zibska creations during her showcase on April 6th at 12 noon SLT.